ICQ Lite for Windows 10


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ICQ Lite is an instant messenger that allows for the simultaneous use of messengers: ICQ and Tlen.pl. Contacts with both communicators are displayed in a list, you can divide them into groups. The program is very easy to use and does not have advanced features such as voice chat or video conferencing. This allows some basic, while the most important operations. After installation, go to Settings to enter information about your ICQ number and ID in Tlen.pl. You can automatically store passwords profiles so that when you restart it is not necessary to re-enter data. Chat window is simple and transparent. The applications are installed plug-ins that allow you to import the contact list from the server or file and import the archive e-mail. The contacts were used standard icons known of these messengers. After installing, go to Settings, turn on the appropriate plug-in and possibly make other settings. The program does not save from this version of your settings in the registry so you can carry it on a USB stick with keeping your settings.